Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vintage Romance Covers - Spotlight on Charles Geer

I adore books....I love reading them, of course, but I also have a passion for searching for collectible books -- that rare first edition, first printing, or paperbacks and dust jackets that feature gorgeous cover art. I've had pretty good luck with sellers on ebay and Amazon, but my favorite find is when I scoop one up for a super bargain at used book sales. :)

 Recently, the trend in many book covers in the genres that I prefer feature the much over-used headless or near- headless woman in period clothing. Fortunately, going back in time to vintage historical romance and historical fiction, I've found that some of the artwork is so distinctive and attractive that it's a pleasure to display these gorgeous covers on my bookshelves like pieces of art. I just love looking at them!

Today I'm going to share with you my small but favorite collection of vintage books that feature the work of the amazing artist, Charles Geer. I think you will agree that his elegant style and talent evoke the beauty and grace of another era and set the tone for the reading experience. Interestingly, there is as much attention to detail on the spine and back covers as there are on the prominent front cover art. Ahhh, a lost art!

  I hope you enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with these vintage historical romance paperbacks. Goodreads also has reviews of these books and other books featuring Geer's work.

(**If you click on the cover you will be able to see in greater detail.)

    (Cover - Castles in the Air by Patricia Gallagher; Avon, 1976 paperback)

(back cover of Castles in the Air)

     (Cover - No Greater Love by Patricia Gallagher; Avon, 1979 paperback)

                            (back cover of No Greater Love)

           (Cover - On Wings of Dreams by Patricia Gallagher; Berkley, 1985)

(back cover of On Wings of Dreams)

                   (Cover - My Lady Destiny by Denise Robins; Avon,  1978)

(back cover of My Lady Destiny)

Which cover is your favorite?


Unknown said...

Oh I love those! Thanks so much for sharing!

Misfit said...

I hadn't realized the Castles in the Air books were by this artist. I still have my copies.

Mystica said...

Not only sounding good but looks so good!

Staci said...

Those are really awesome covers with such detail and by looking at them really tell their own story!!!

Melissa @ Confessions of an Avid Reader said...

I've never heard of any of the books you have featured, but I can see why you love the covers :-) The books sound good themselves, too.

Joanne said...

Ruth - You are very welcome!

Misfit - Karla @ GR has some interesting shelves by cover artists.

Mystica - Glad you enjoyed them!
Staci - Everything these days seems
so generic....these covers are indeed unique to the story.

Melissa - LOL! I think you are too young to know these vintage books. I'm old! :)

Kaitlyn Devin and Grace said...

Those covers are gorgeous, but I have to admit, though the headless covers are generic, I actually do like them and heres why. I hate seeing the faces of historical women on the covers. They never look how I picture them and I find it distracting. Also, I love period clothing, and having them be the focus of the cover is fun for me. I agree though, these covers you showed us here are intricate and gorgeous :)

-Kate the Book buff
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