Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Ahhhh, fall........spicy pumpkins, crunchy apples, woodsmoke, swirling leaves, and harvest moons.......are you as much of a fan of autumn as I am?

 Unfortunately, there has not been very much evidence of fall where I live yet, so I'm cautiously optimistic now that we're in October that I'll begin to feel those crisp evening breezes that make me want to snuggle under a blanket and read a wonderfully spooky mystery.

These past few weeks have found me incredibly busy putting my house back in order (thank you, Hurricane Isaac).  To shrug off the stress of mess, I've been decorating (another favorite hobby of mine besides reading and memory keeping). I wish I could invite all of you to my home for a cup of coffee (or glass of wine, whichever you prefer), and engage in some great discussions about what you're reading. Since you can't come such distances, here's the next best thing as I welcome you in to a little peek of my ode to autumn.

A fresh bowl of cinnamon potpourri in the kitchen that makes it "seem" like something wonderful is baking -- not!

A fresh wreath on every door to welcome visitors....this one is by the kitchen where we come in and out all day.

A nature-based centerpiece on the kitchen table for ambiance while eating dinner.

New pillows and crackle glass candle holder in the den from Pier that store!

My fall reading bookshelf is small but should be satisfying. Kate Morton's The Secret Keeper and Tasha Alexander's Death in the Floating City are coming out this month so I'm looking forward to those new releases. In the Halloween/spooky area, I'm currently reading Barbara Erskine's Hiding from the Light and it's definitely not one I can read when I'm home alone. She's the queen of blending the present with the past with some things that go bump in the night that makes me look over my shoulder at shadows. I also have a few Barbara Michaels mysteries (aka Elizabeth Peters) in my book pile. They are quick, light mysteries that are perfect for October reading. For October I'm hoping to review  Witch.

And speaking of witches...... I recently went to a Stevie Nicks concert -- gotta give it to her, she's in her 60's and still a rock goddess! Here's a pic I snapped of her singing, Rhiannon (my all-time favorite about the Welsh witch). Anyone else old enough to remember the Rumours album (yes, album)? Fleetwood Mac is the soundtrack of my college years!

I obviously did not record this (it's from youtube), but shows how cool she still is at over 60!

Happy fall -- and thanks for visiting!


Melissa @ Confessions of an Avid Reader said...

Happy Fall, Joanne! It definitely feels like fall here. The leaves have all changed colours and it won't be long before the trees are bare. It's started to get chilly, too...which I'm okay with since it was way too hot of a summer here.

It's Canadian Thanksgiving this coming weekend, so I'm looking forward to eating lots of turkey and pumpkin pie!

Sounds like you've got a great reading fall reading list. I'll be reading The Secret Keeper, too. Can't wait.

Joanne said...

Melissa -- Thank you for letting me know about the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday this weekend. Hope your day is filled with good things! (And feel free to send a little of that chilly weather my way.)

Happy fall reading!

Anonymous said...

It's finally starting to feel lik fall, here in the south. Thanks for the lovely post! :O)

Staci said...

Love all of your fall decorating! Your home is beautiful!! it is certainly fall here in Michigan. Friday night's football game had temps in the upper 30's and now this weekend it is breezy and a balmy 60!! Your choice of reading is awesome. I'm putting several of the titles you listed on my own little 'want to read' list!!

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