Friday, December 4, 2009

All About the Brontes 2010 Challenge

I was very excited to learn about this new reading challenge for 2010 at Laura's Reviews! Having previously mentioned on my blog about my love of the novel, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (even going so far as selecting the name Jane for my daughter's middle name and Rochester for my dog!), it should come as no surprise that I jumped on this challenge as soon as I learned of it. Like the Everything Austen challenge, it brings renewed interest to the original writings of all the Brontes, including Bronte-inspired books and movies. Click here to find all the details of the All About the Brontes 2010 reading challenge at Laura's Reviews.

For this challenge, I am using two books already in my TBR bookshelf, and I will add to my list as I find new titles to include. (Unfortunately, I already completed The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte by Syrie James this year, so it won't count, but it was very good and recommended for this challenge.)

Jane Eyre's Daughter by Elizabeth Newark
Book description: In this sequel to Jane Eyre, young Janet Rochester is consigned to Highcrest Manor and the guardianship of the strict Colonel Dent while her parents journey to the West Indies. As Janet struggles to make a life for herself, guided by the ideals of her parents, she finds herself caught up in the mysteries of Highcrest.

Why is the east wing forbidden to her? What lies behind locked gates? And what is the source of the voices she hears in the night? Can she trust the enigmatic Roderick Landless, or should she transfer her allegiance to the suave and charming Sir Hugo Calendar?

Whether riding her mare on the Yorkshire moors, holding her own with Colonel Dent, or waltzing at her first ball, Janet is strong, sympathetic, and courageous....after all, she is her mother's daughter...


Charlotte Bronte: A Writer's Life by Rebecca Fraser (a biography written by a former President of the Bronte Society)


Two movies in my collection that I will view again are both Masterpiece Theatre productions of Jane Eyre (2006) and Wuthering Heights (2008). Both are excellent productions that are highly recommended; gloomy, gothic settings at their best!

FYI - If you visit the Bronte Blog and scroll down the right side bar, there are lists of e-texts on all the Bronte novels and many books about the Brontes. This would be a good place to explore if you're interested in this challenge.

Here's to great reading in 2010!


Kim said...

I saw this challenge last month and wanted to do it because I haven't read ANY of the Bronte sisters. I don't know what books to look into, so if you have any more suggestions besides the ones you mentioned . . . Thanks.

Joanne said...

Hi, Kim - I recommend that you start with THE definitive Bronte novels: Jane Eyre (by Charlotte) and Wuthering Heights (by Emily). They are true gothic romances -- dark, gloomy, even tragic at times, but important works of English literature. I hope you'll give Jane Eyre a try-- especially if you don't know what to expect (lots of surprises!)

Laura's Reviews said...

Great book selections! I need to go back and see whether they are on the original post list or not! :-) Welcome to the Challenge, I can't wait to read you reviews!

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