Monday, July 18, 2011

The Road to Pemberley, Edited by Marsha Altman

A Romantic, Engaging and Witty Collection of New Short Stories that Feature Jane Austen's Most Beloved Characters

Including over a dozen stories from both emerging and established Regency romance authors, this new anthology celebrates Jane Austen with a series of brilliant adaptations. Austen’s masterpiece has spawned an entire genre of literature, and The Road to Pemberley brings together the best of the best from published and new writers alike to create a cornucopia of Darcy-and-Elizabeth intrigues. England during the Regency Era, with its country estates, horse-drawn carriages, and formal balls, continues to captivate modern readers and The Road to Pemberley brings this fabled world to life in all its glory. Each author casts Darcy and Elizabeth in their first full year together at Pemberley, where the storied husband and wife find themselves in the throes of the newlywed experience, navigating a host of new social quandaries, old personal dilemmas, and exciting adventures
(from Goodreads)

It's one of those's been raining buckets for days -- various parts of the city are without electricity....streets are flooding.....yet my trusty UPS man had a special delivery for me today and it's just what I've been waiting for. This is not going to be a review, but rather a spotlight on a new anthology of Pride and Prejudice short stories.

The Road to Pemberley, edited by Marsha Altman, is a new collection of Austenesque stories which all focus mostly on Darcy and Elizabeth's first year of marriage ( of course, with different interpretations and dilemmas). Perfect for curling up with a cup of tea on this dreary day or keeping on my nightstand for a quick Austen-fix before going to sleep at night.

Gotta go.....I'm off to read their first adventure, "The Pemberley Ball."

Title: The Road to Pemberley: An Anthology of New Pride and Prejudice Stories
Edited by: Marsha Altman (stories by Regina Jeffers, Sarah A Hoyt, Ellen Gelerman, Valeria T. Jackson, Jessica Keller, Tess Quinn, J. H. Thompson, Bill Friesma, Nacie Mackey, Marilou Martineau, Lewis Whelchel, and Marsha Altman)
Ulysses Press
485 pages


Melissa @ Confessions of an Avid Reader said...

The Road to Pemberley sounds fun! Definitely a perfect book to curl up with.

Hope the sun comes out for you soon. We are in the middle of a horrendous heat wave.

Joanne said...

Hi, Melissa -- We were baking in the heat, too, just before the heavens opened up. Gave us a little respite from the intense temperatures. Enjoying The Road to Pemberley.....Have a great week!

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Sounds good, I'm familiar with Ellen Gelerman, she's very good, I've read her self-published on line stories, a favorite of mine!

Staci said...

This sounds wonderful and you should bake your UPS guy cookies for braving the elements!! :D

Anjuli said...

what an intriguing book...I wish I could be reading it with the rain falling and a nice hot cup of tea by my side...thanks for giving us a heads up about the book.

Joanne said...

Julie -- Do you still visit an online community of Austen fan fiction? Is there one you would recommend?

Staci -- LOL! I really should bake some cookies for this guy -- he's a regular at my house the way I buy books from amazon!! It's a rare day that that brown truck doesn't come rumbling down my street. :)

Anjuli -- Yes, I took full advantage of the rain to spend most of the day reading. I have a comfy couch in a bay window in my bedroom and it's my favorite place to read on a rainy day. :)

Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

Oh, neat! I've never been a big Austin fan but this might actually give it to me easy. ;O)

Marsha Altman said...

I'm really glad people are finally getting their copies of the book.

Yvette said...

Well, since PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is my most favorite book ever, then these short stories sound just the ticket for a rainy day. We're in the middle of a long heat wave here - wilting. But a nice glass of iced tea and a visit to Pemberley woldn't be amiss. :)

Love the cover.

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