Thursday, September 10, 2009

Outlander's Jamie and Claire

from Outlander, Chapter 14, A Marriage Takes Place, p. 190 by Diana Gabaldon

"A Highlander in full regalia is an impressive sight--any Highlander, no matter how old, ill-favored, or crabbed in appearance. A tall, straight-bodied, and by no means ill-favored young Highlander at close range is breath-taking.

The thick red-gold hair had been brushed to a smooth gleam that swept the collar of a fine lawn shirt with tucked front, belled sleeves, and lace-trimmed wrist frills that matched the cascade of the starched jabot at the throat, decorated with a ruby stickpin.

His tartan was a brilliant crimson and black that blazed among the more sedate MacKenzies in their green and white. The flaming wool, fastened by a circular silver brooch, fell from his right shoulder in a graceful drape, caught by a silver-studded sword belt before continuing its sweep past neat calves clothed in woolen hose and stopping just short of the silver-buckled black leather boots. Sword, dirk, and badger-skin sporran completed the ensemble.

Well over six feet tall, broad in proportion and striking of feature, he was a far cry from the grubby horse-handler I was accustomed to--and he knew it. Making a leg in courtly fashion, he swept me a bow of impeccable grace, murmuring, "Your servant, Ma'am," eyes glinting with mischief."
Diana Gabaldon

Ahhhh, Jamie...Jamie and the love he has for his Claire is such a beautiful love story, and the heart of the Outlander books, for me.


Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

I must admit, I do think he'd make a good Jamie, but he's not an actor, he's not scottish, but he does have the look! Even DG says he'd fit the bill - lucky Halle Berry! I made a few icons of him as Jamie at one point at my LiveJournal icon journal, he's quite the thing!

Joanne said...

Hi, Julie! I must say the Jamie on your blog header is actually closer to my vision of Jamie, but if DG says that's Jamie, so be it! Thanks for stopping by!

Laura's Reviews said...

They are both good looking, but neither is the Jamie of my imagination. I think we can all agree that he is one of the sexiest men I have ever read in a novel. I love his love for Claire.

Joanne said...

Funny how we each have our own vision of characters. But, I agree -- no matter how you envision him, he is the sexiest man I've ever read in a novel, too. Move over, Mr. Darcy!

Anonymous said...

Move over, Mr. Darcy!

I'm gonna have to say I agree. Jane Austen (and her heroes, particularly Darcy and Capt Wentworth) has always been my first love, but Jamie has valiantly fought his way to the top of the list. *swoon*

11 more days!

Sharon Galligar Chance said...

Hi Joanne,
Stop by my blog, when you have a minute. I have a small award for you!
It's at the BBAW Day One - My Favorite Blogs entry!

Kim said...

I have another award for you -- just because.

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