Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Violets of March by Sarah Jio

"In a mystical place where violets bloom out of season and the air is salt drenched, a heartbroken woman stumbles upon a diary and steps into the life of its anonymous author.

In her twenties, Emily Wilson was on top of the world; she had a bestselling novel, a husband plucked from the pages of GQ, and a one-way ticket to happily-ever-after.

Nearly a decade later, the tide has turned on Emily's good fortune. So when her great-aunt Bee invites her to spend the month of March on Bainbridge Island in Washington state, Emily accepts, longing to be healed by the sea. Researching her next book, Emily discovers a red velvet diary, dated 1943, whose contents reveal startling connections to her own life.

A mesmerizing debut with an idyllic setting and an intriguing dual story line, The Violets of March announces Sarah Jio as a writer to watch."

(from the publisher)

my thoughts:

The Violets of March was an absolutely beautiful story.....I loved the author's seamless blending of romance, mystery and suspense with a haunting story of a long-ago love affair. I found myself unable to put this book down as I immediately became emotionally invested in the players.....a hidden diary with stories of youthful, carefree times before World War II that reveal, over time, heartbreaking memories of love, betrayals, loss, and a lifetime of regrets.

Who is the author of this diary and why was it locked away in unused room in her aunt's house?

As Emily tries to find closure for her own failed marriage and find a new direction in her life, can she draw lessons from the mistakes of the past in the pages of this diary?

An utterly charming tale that left me deeply moved and holding on to the book long after I finished the last page.

5/5 stars

Title: The Violets of March
Author: Sarah Jio
Plume/Penguin Publishers
296 pages
genre: literary fiction


Passages to the Past said...

I've been seeing this book everywhere and now that I've read your review I am totally adding it to my wishlist!

Thanks for the review Joanne!

Joanne said...

It was wonderful, Amy, and I hope you love it! It's one of those books that are just a little gem.

Anjuli said...

wow this makes me want to rush out and buy the book immediately!! It sounds like such a great story.

Marg said...

I can't tell you how many times I have looked at my library catalogue to see if this has been added yet, but I don't think it has been released here yet because there is only one library that has it on order in the whole state!

I want to read it so badly!

I guess I could just buy it, but then I wouldn't get to read it for ages trying to fit it in between library and review books!

Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

Wow, great review! I can't tell you how much I need to read this! I keep passing it by when I'm at the store and then remembering it when I get home. Sad. Ah, maybe a goal for the weekend.

Staci said...

Your review was beautifully written!! I loved this one too!

Joanne said...

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by for this's probably going to make my top list at the end of the year. :)

Staci -- if you loved this one, there's good news.....she has a new book coming out next year titled "The Bungalow." I'm looking forward to it.

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